The Easiest Way
to be Prepared for
an Emergency
Your Personal Emergency Record and Alert Notification System
Emergency personnel or bystanders can scan your personal QR code and view your ICE (In Case of Emergency) record with important, potentially life-saving, health information.

With just a few taps on your smart phone you set up your ICE record

  • Emergency personnel can scan your QR code and access your important medical data
  • Manage multiple records users with one app (children, elderly parents, etc.)
  • Optional Auto-Alerts to notify your emergency contact with an emergency location
  • Optional stickers and magnets with your personal QR code
  • Designed by physicians
  • Award winner of the ONC Blue Button Co-Design Challenge
Sign up for Email "Auto-Alert" Notifications

Notify your emergency contacts anytime your QR code is scanned with e-mailed Auto-Alerts, including a map location of where the scan took place.

  • Lifeguard
    In an emergency, your QR code is scanned.
  • Geo
    As soon as your QR code is scanned an Auto-Alert is sent to your designated emergency contacts.
  • Phone
    Your emergency contacts are alerted immediately with an email message, including a map location of where the scan took place.

Buy one month of Email Auto-Alerts for $2.99 or pay $19.99 for one year. Auto-Alerts are unlimited for the time period purchased.

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Available for iOS 7 & Android devices

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